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Structural Woodlands

Floral design is my passion, and one of my more recent explorations has been designing vertically instead of horizontally. By creating these vertical structures, I'm able to take my designs to new heights  literally! The results are truly striking. If you've taken my course on Sustainable Woodlands, you've learned about my foam-free approach to design, and the mechanics taught in that course can easily be applied to these new lessons. That being said, I typically don't use materials requiring a water source with these structures. It makes them a lot more permanent! 

If you haven't taken my Sustainable Woodlands course, let's talk about floral foam. These past few years, a growing number of florists in the industry have become increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of floral foam: an element of design that has been crucial to our field for the past 60 years. After doing a little research, it was easy to see why. Did you know that one block of floral foam is the equivalent of ten plastic shopping bags? This little green block is non-biodegradable, non-recyclable and toxic to both humans and animals. That being said, its popularity is understandable. It's lightweight, easy to cut and mold, and holds up to two quarts of water. It's the perfect water source. Knowing all of this, I wanted to ditch the foam without losing any of the benefits. This is what my Sustainable Woodlands course is all about: foam-free mechanics that have structure, shape, and above all, supports materials that require a water source.

Structural Woodlands takes some foam-free cues from that course, but it also stands on its own, offering four new woodland-inspired designs, all ready for your next large-scale event, special occasion, or dinner party. These lessons were created to inspire, teach you new mechanics, and help you build your repertoire so you may offer more to your clients and grow your knowledge of, and confidence in, floristry all while being a bit kinder to the world around us.

Learn to Craft:

→ Driftwood Structure

→ Vertical Bark Structure 

→ Circular Structure

→ Partial Frame Structure

What You'll Get:

→ 4 video lessons with over 90 minutes of content

→ Lifetime access

→ Course workbook with a supplies and materials list

→ Invitation to a live Q&A with Françoise

→ Private Facebook group access

Student Testimonials:

Françoise is hands down the most thought invoking/creative/talented florist I have ever met. She teaches from a place of genuine authenticity. The mechanics she shares can be used in all areas of floral design, even if her work is not your taste. She is fit for those who inspire, dream, create, and love all things natural. She teaches to people who think and design outside the creative box, the leaders in this industry.

Amy Marshall, Florist

The techniques, floral combinations and inspiration Françoise has given me has been priceless. I have returned back to my job in the floristry industry so excited to continue to practice what I have learned with Françoise.

Sarah Scalzo, Florist

I had such a wonderful time; thank you so much. Your vision, spirit and creativity absolutely shifted how I look at the world around me and use that to inspire my work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Allison Schatz, Lotus & Lily

Françoise Weeks is a delight! It is very special to be able to visit with her and learn from her creativity. One learns so many mechanics and gets hands on experience from Françoise with enthusiasm and encouragement.

Suzy Askew, Dixon Gallery and Gardens

I consider myself lucky. Years ago, facing some life decisions and wanting to pursue a more artistic path, I stumbled into floral design. Throughout my journey as a florist, I have tinkered and toyed with flowers and the artistic expression they offer. But on any journey, there are moments that change the direction of where you are going. Françoise Weeks is one of those moments. She is a true master, not only with flowers, but in showing you the underlying structure that is so important in beautiful design work. A workshop with Françoise Weeks is an enlightening, inspirational, and rejuvenating experience, with experience being a key word. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to study with her on several occasions, and I am sure I will study with her again. I am a better florist, artist, and person for it.

Katalin Green, Katalin Green Flowers

I highly recommend Françoise’s course. She is a brilliant, kind, and an inspiring teacher.

Cindy Packer Schwartz, Zen Botanical Designs, LLC

It's hard to put into words how FANTASTIC Françoise is as a teacher and designer. She's truly changed the way I look at floral design. By taking her Woodlands course, you not only see how she does it in terms of mechanics, but truly glimpse inside her eyes and how she sees things, and that is truly magical.

Alison Ellis, Real Flower Business

Françoise's work is so detailed, so intricate, so natural. She has taught me to be curious, to cultivate my artistic voice and I've really learned to see the floral and plant world with new eyes. Now that Françoise has online classes I'm excited for people to learn from her, be inspired and approach her new course in a more artful and detailed way. Françoise will INSPIRE you and continue to ELEVATE the world of floral design ever more!

Susan Mcleary, Passionflower Sue