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I don’t know about you, but I fell in love with flowers at an early age. My mother loved to buy flowers from the farmer’s market in Belgium, or cut them fresh from her own garden. I began helping her arrange them as a child. I was fascinated by everything floral—from designing centerpieces for my parents’ dinner guests to watching seedlings grow on the windowsill in my father’s study. Simply put, the world outside has been a part of me for as long as I can remember and inspires me to this day just the same. So it's no surprise that for this course, I wanted to bring the outside in, relying solely on foraged materials to adorn the home, events, and everything in between.

In my professional design and teaching career, my signature style of Textural Woodlands and Botanical Wearables have created a global following, and I’ve translated these styles into creating unique designs that go beyond the traditional. With that, I've created ten new lessons for this series to inspire, teach you new mechanics, and help you build your repertoire so you may offer more to your clients and grow your knowledge of, and confidence in, floristry all while being a bit kinder to the world around us.

Let's start at the beginning

What will this course teach you?

If you haven't taken any of my previous courses, don't worry! Foraged Design is totally accessible to all ranges of floral design experience and skill. In this course, you will learn how to create ten unique foraged designsThese lessons were developed using my latest mechanics and techniques to create structure, shape, and above all, to design with a more sustainable approach.

I hope this new series will spark your curiosity and open your eyes to seeing the possibilities of environmentally conscious design.

Want to see what you'll master?

Eggplant, Pear, and

Artichoke Arrangements

Showcasing the natural beauty of produce from the market, I've created three designs to turn the edible into the incredible. You'll find an eggplant blossoming with pieris, poppies, and tillandsia; an artichoke utilizing cornflowers, oregano, and acorns; and a pear harvesting blackberries, nicandra, and love-in-a-puff.

Vase Arrangement

with a Twist

Learn the mechanics to cover an ordinary container by attaching paperbark maple to create an eye-catching arrangement that uses a variety of botanicals and textures such as hellebore, evergreen, and trumpet vine. You’ll also gain insight into flower deconstruction to find new ways of using materials.

Four Botanical

Napkin Rings

Turn an average place setting into an eye-catching showstopper with botanical napkin rings. I've put together four separate designs to inspire and elevate your next dinner party: flowers & texture, orchid, woodland, and textural designs. It's amazing how something so simple can make such a difference!

Wine Bottle with

a Floral Ribbon

For this design, I've incorporated an innovative technique for decorating a wine bottle (or any other bottle or container) that can be given as a beautiful gift when visiting friends and family. No need to recycle those bottles just yet!



Create a stunning foam-free woodland landscape within a frame of your choosing. I use a variety of textures and botanicals to create visual interest in a piece that you can display on your dinner table or even hang in your living room.

“Françoise has taught me to be curious, to cultivate my artistic voice and I've really learned to see the floral and plant world with new eyes. She will inspire you and continue to elevate the world of floral design ever more!”


Susan McLeary

How about that free lesson?

Get a feel of my Foraged Design course and learn how to create a wine bottle with a floral ribbon. If you've never taken an online course with me before, this is a great opportunity to get a look into what to expect.


“It's hard to put into words how fantastic Françoise is as a teacher and a designer. She's truly changed the way I look at floral design. There's no one that looks at botanical materials the way that Françoise does.”


Alison Ellis

I can't wait to see what you make!

These ten Foraged Design lessons will inspire you to see with new eyes and to tap into your own passion for floral design, all while gaining confidence in becoming a more environmentally conscious creator within the natural world.

This is a wonderful time of year to find and use woodland and botanical materials and to practice and share your creations with family, friends, and clients. Taking time for yourself to pursue what you love and learn new skills is a fantastic way to reinvigorate your passion and expand your floral offerings.

Post your design creations on social media, and use the hashtag #foragingwithfrancoise for a chance to be featured! Voilà!


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