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Welcome to Wedding Wearables!

I started my floral career in the wedding industry and designed flowers for hundreds of celebrations for over 24 years. I've now been educating floral designers and teaching workshops around the world intensively for eight years. As wedding wearable designs have become increasingly popular in the industry, my courses for them are in high demand. I've created six wedding wearable design lessons to inspire, teach you new mechanics, and help you build your repertoire so you may offer more to your clients and grow your knowledge of, and confidence in, floristry.

My Course Will Teach You To Master

Scarves & Shawls



Pocket Boutonnières



I’ll show you all my behind-the-scenes mechanics as well as variations on each item. You’ll learn the methods I have created and tested over my long career, while learning to explore your surrounding environment for unique botanical materials and textures. The 6 Wedding Wearables lessons will inspire you to see with new eyes and to tap into your own passion for floral design.

You will learn the underlying mechanics for unique wedding accessories, such as scarves and shawls, necklaces, fascinators, pocket boutonnieres, rings, and purses. You'll learn many different techniques and mechanics to create a multitude of bases to create these designs. You will also gain insight into flower deconstruction to find new ways of using materials and adding texture. You'll learn how to create different styles for all these designs, all while gaining confidence in breaking the circle to create new shapes, compositions and excitement.

This is a wonderful time of year to find and use botanical materials and to practice and share your creations with family, friends, and clients. Taking time for yourself to pursue what you love and learn new skills is a fantastic way to reinvigorate your passion and expand your floral offerings.


I Can't Wait To See What You Make!

Post your design creations on social media, and use the hashtag #francoisewearables for a chance to be featured! Voilà!

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"Françoise's work is so detailed, so intricate, so natural. She has taught me to be curious, to cultivate my artistic voice and I've really learned to see the floral and plant world with new eyes. Now that Françoise has online classes, I'm excited for people to learn from her, to be inspired and approach her new course in a more artful and detailed way. Françoise will INSPIRE you and continue to ELEVATE the world of floral design ever more!"

Susan McLeary
Passionflower Sue

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Learn to craft botanical earrings, bow ties, hair combs, sunglasses, shoes, chokers, suspenders, and masks. This course includes all my behind-the-scenes construction techniques as well as variations on each theme.


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