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I'm thrilled to share my Woodland Design course with you!




I’m thrilled to announce my new online video series: Woodland Design! I’ve been educating floral designers and teaching workshops around the world intensively for six years. My Woodland designs have received particular interest and demand for more classes. This inspired me to create a course that I could offer you at a fraction of the cost of my workshops and even better, you can learn to create Woodland arrangements in your own time and in the comfort of your own home.

My Woodland designs are nearest and dearest to my heart, taking me back to my childhood vacations, foraging in Switzerland. That spirit of playfulness and observation is layered over a variety of structural mechanics that I will share with you.

I’ve created four Woodland Design Lessons to help you grow and develop your skill sets so that you may offer more to your clients and grow your knowledge of, and confidence in, floristry.


My Course Will Teach You To Master


Discover the underlying mechanics for dramatic centerpieces featuring logs, branches and bark, decorated with woodland texture. Learn to shape and secure a variety of compositions and bases. See foraging and sourcing botanical materials with new eyes!


Employ European bouquet holders in your work. Master the bouquet as a component of a larger structure, along with the mechanics for incorporating wood. Gain insight into flower deconstruction and finding new ways of using materials and adding texture.


Build versatile wreath structures for both wet and dry examples. Learn to use moss to build form, conceal mechanics and bridge materials. Gain confidence in breaking the circle to create new shapes, compositions and excitement.


Paint with flowers in wall mounted, vertical presentations. Learn the mechanics for design variations incorporating logs and branches, as well as potted plants. Explore an entirely new way of looking at flora!

Order Now And Receive A Special Bonus Lesson!

If you order today, I'll include a FREE bonus lesson (over 37 minutes of additional content) with floral tips, techniques, ideas, and inspiration for creating your own floral style.

I show you all my behind-the-scenes construction techniques as well as variations on each theme. You will learn the methods I have innovated and honed over my long career, while learning to explore your surroundings for unique botanical materials and texture. These four Woodland Design lessons will inspire you to see with new eyes and to tap into your own floral joy and style. 

For a limited time only and only if you purchase the course in full, I’ll also be including a BONUS Lesson which includes 37 minutes of extra material to help you grow and achieve your botanical vision.

This is a great time of year to find and use Woodland materials and to practice and share your creations with family and friends. Taking time for yourself to pursue your passions and learn new skills is a fantastic way to get a jumpstart on the new year. To help, I am giving you the Woodland Montage Lesson for FREE! 

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Post your design creations on social media, and use the hashtag #francoisewearables for a chance to be featured!



Course Update:

This year I started to use Agra-Wool, a 100% natural floral foam. It is sustainable and much better for the environment. It absorbs and retains a lot of water very quickly and is easy to cut in any shape.

For more information go to: https://www.agra-wool.nl/nl/

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"It's hard to put into words how FANTASTIC Françoise is as a teacher and a designer. She's truly changed the way I look at floral design. There's no one that looks at botanical materials the way that Françoise does. Taking her course, you not only see how she does it in terms of mechanics but truly glimpse inside her eye and how she sees things and that is truly magical."

Alison Ellis
Real Flower Business

"Françoise's work is so detailed, so intricate, so natural. Françoise has taught me to be curious, to cultivate my artistic voice and I've really learned to see the floral and plant world with new eyes. Now that Françoise has online classes I'm excited for people to learn from her, be inspired and approach her new course in a more artful and detailed way. Françoise will INSPIRE you and continue to ELEVATE the world of floral design ever more!"

Sue Mcleary
Passion Flower Sue

"Françoise has had a wonderful impact on my business! She has taught me so much about mechanics and techniques that make a big difference each day as we're doing weddings and events. Not only are her mechanics INVALUABLE but it's also a spiritual experience to be able to study with her. Take this amazing opportunity to learn from Françoise Weeks!"

Holly Heider Chapple
Holly Chapple Flowers

For a limited time only, I’ll also be including a BONUS Lesson which includes 37 minutes of extra material to help you grow and achieve your botanical vision, so act fast!


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